Tax Services:
We prepare all types of tax returns, including individuals, non-profits, corporations, limited liability companies, S corporations and partnerships. We do not prepare returns for any type of pension plan. Tax planning is integral to all entities and in my office is done carefully and thoughtfully and is never rushed. We have also tried to educate our clients over the last few years regarding extensions. As tax information comes to the taxpayer later and later each year, our window to prepare returns grows narrower and narrower, approaching April 15th. Realistically, there is no reason to rush to prepare a return by April 15th just to file a document. I would much rather extend the return, particularly complex returns, and prepare them after April 15th, when time allows us to thoroughly digest the tax information and prepare a comprehensive tax return. We set deadlines for our clients and WE DO NOT CONTINUE TO PREPARE RETURNS RIGHT UP UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON APRIL 15th. That is just not an efficient, accurate or intelligent way to prepare returns. It’s not a process that is good for the clients, or my staff. Our goal is to file as many returns as is accurately and reasonably possible by the April 15th deadline; all other returns are extended. Our clients have welcomed this approach, as it also takes the pressure of them, and it allows us to plan properly for the next year while preparing the current year’s returns. We file all returns, with very few exceptions, electronically. All tax returns are reviewed by Susan Jarvis prior to filing and delivery to the client.

Financial Statement Preparation:

We prepare compiled and reviewed financial statements for both for profit and non-profit entities, but we not do not perform audits. For those CPA practitioners who prepare financial statements “peer review” by another CPA is required every three years by the American Institute of CPAs, the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Susan Jarvis has participated in this process since its inception and has successfully completed peer review every three years.

Business Valuations:

Susan Jarvis is a Certified Valuation Analyst in addition to her designation as a Certified Public Accountant. She conducts valuation engagements which include full valuation reports and calculations of value. Business valuations are commonly prepared in regard to divorce situations; business, estate and succession planning; purchases and sales of businesses; and shareholder disputes. She has also provided expert testimony in Montgomery County, PA and Northampton County, PA. She has worked with various attorneys in Northampton and Montgomery County to assist their clients with valuation issues. All of her business valuation work is performed in regard to small closely held businesses.

Quickbooks Assistance and Bookkeeping:
We assist our clients with their use of the various versions of Quickbooks and Susan Jarvis is a Quickbooks ProAdvisor. We also provide bookkeeping services in our offices, primarily utilizing Quickbooks software. Trish Nemeth is our resident Quickbooks guru and is able to guide clients through the use of Quickbooks as well as setting up and trouble-shooting Quickbooks files for our clients. We can provide remote access to clients’ Quickbooks which allows us to quickly assess their issues and remedy them all on their own computer.