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All tax returns are first prepared by Lori Boucher or Jody Kirk. Items of concern are discussed with Sue Jarvis as the return is being prepared. However, every tax return in the office is reviewed in its entirety by Sue Jarvis prior to presentation to the client. Tax interviews are conducted with Sue personally and tax planning is prepared by Sue Jarvis with input from the staff.

Not all, but many of our clients are small businesses/small business owners. Small business tax preparation, financial statement preparation and tax planning are my forte. I prefer to prepare not just the business entity returns, but also the individual returns, and those of pertinent family members so that decisions made during the planning/tax preparation process can have the optimum benefit to all parties.
Our strength has always been service to the small business community through tax preparation and planning. Those services have also expanded to include business valuations for estate planning, business sale planning, divorce matters, etc.
There is a minimum charge to prepare a basic individual return and that fee includes the federal, state and local return. If multiple state returns are required that can increase the minimum fee depending on the complexity of the returns. All business entity returns are billed on an hourly basis for both staff and Sue’s time. Bookkeeping services are provided at reasonable rates. Business valuation services are quoted on a project basis.

Yes, we service numerous non-profits in the area as well as private foundations. Tax preparation, planning, and financial statement services are available to all non-profits.

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